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About Me

It all started when i did my first proper explore of Pool Park Hospital, North Wales. At the time i had my crappy Sony Ericsson C905, and I was with Doutchy. A few months down the line i bought myself a DSLR, a Nikon D3100, with kit lens. From there on i got into it quite a bit

After a few explores.

After a few explores to various locations. Disused hospitals, factories, mines, quarries, rooftopping... i think thats it, I got my first lens, a lovely sigma 10-20mm, i wanted that wide feeling whilst looking through my pictures, so i used this with the D3100 for a few years, trying different exposures of multiple buildings, chambers and tunnels.

The Upgrades

Then in 2013, i bought a second hand Nikon D90. Nothing special i know but it was far more superior to the D3100. From that point on i just continued with the little upgrades such as a 35mm and a 24-120mm lens. At the moment the collection is as it stands. Hopefully in the not to distant future i go to full frame, but that can wait a little while yet. I am just still continuing to focus on abandonment and the dark and dindgy side of photography, thats one thing that will never change. However if it feels right i may do events and occasions, but for now im sticking as i am.